Luxurious Master Bath

From dull and outdated to a timeless oasis of elegance, this master bathroom underwent a remarkable metamorphosis. Yearning for a space that exuded sophistication and offered enhanced functionality, the homeowners sought a design that would elevate every aspect of their daily routine.

Central to the renovation was the desire for a larger bathing area and increased storage capacity. Moreover, the owners aimed to bid adieu to the dark, uninspiring tiled-in shower, yearning for a breathtaking focal point that would redefine luxury.

Navigating the challenge of preserving the existing hydronic heated floor, the designer skillfully selected complementary tiles and colors, seamlessly integrating them with the new finishes to rejuvenate the flooring while maintaining its original allure.

The result? A master bathroom, finished in the Flagstone stain, that transcends the ordinary, where elegance meets practicality, and every detail speaks to refined taste and timeless charm.

Designed by DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen in Reno, NV.

Door Style Milan
Showplace Cabinetry EVO Logo
Construction Frameless
Wood Type Maple
Finish Flagstone
SH ID720261.00